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    • Outstanding Performance
    • Unmatched Reliability
    • High Quality
    • No Interference
    • Inimitable Designs

    Solt system enables you to provide guests with high quality services through quiet and quick response to calls from guests and to make your restaurant quiet and graceful. In addition, with Solt system you will have benefits of effective operation of waiting staffs and increasing table turnover. Specially, the SOLT kitchen call bell permits that food goes out quicker and hotter and waiting staffs are not making wasted trips to the kitchen, which means more time to spend with guests.
    A great customer service experience will encourage costumers to return as well as encourage them to tell their friends and family. Kick-start your business with good resolutions: get an efficient organization, increase your revenue per table and focus on the customer experience.

  • SOLT Kitchen Call Bell

    Based on outstanding performance and reliability Solt system enables quick and proper patient care services in hospitals.
    Its various transmitting and receiving items allow you to set up the most suitable patient care system depending on patients & caretakers needs and the hospital’s environments.
    Surely, Solt hospital system would be key to make patients and hospital staffs experience satisfactory.

  • Food Court

    Guest Paging System enables guests to relax while waiting to be called by the pager, with no need to wait in line and managers to keep their business places silent and not crowded.
    Thanks to its unique and excellent design and prominent practicality both operators and guests will be surely satisfied with Solt Guest Paging System.

  • SOLT Kitchen Call Bell